About Me & My Blog

Poet. Teacher. Advisor and Innovator. These are all of the identities my student typed for me. But most importantly, I am human. I need some fresh air every once in a while. Relief and release.

I am from La Marque, Texas, a small town south of Houston. The place of my extremely humbled beginnings. From there, I gained a Bachelors Degree in Psychology at University of Houston. (GO COOGS) I now work for others as I assist low-income and first-generation students, like I was at their age, in achieving success through education.

I am a writer. I have written hip hop music, poetry, short stories, spoken word, etc. I like to dip my ink on every different sheet of paper. I have one published chapbook and I plan to publish more books on the way.

But enough about me, this blog website is about release. I plan to inspire, reach out, and share parts of my life and thoughts in hope that someone relate and not feel alone. But what’s fresh air if you’re stuck in toxic gas? That’s why some of my posts will be me wafting the toxic gas from myself so I can finally get a breath of fresh air. We should be aiming that value of peace.