If Only…

If only I had the courage, the will, the strength

To lay my thoughts to rest and pursue what I’ve been searching for

What I never thought I’d find

Not love

Not lust

But hope

Hope that our minds connect in such a way that no other woman and I have connected.

Hope that your story and mine don’t become parallel,

But intersect as we cross paths and laugh at life while it passes by

I hope that one day we can look each other in the eye

Realize that what we have is special

And the day we met must have been set to happen.

Whether friends or lovers,

I hope that we can be there for each other.

The spirit you possess entices my soul as the keys to yours unfold

We may come from different cloths but understand that with the right sew,

The outcome can be so beautiful.

Slow as the gentle breeze, but forward like the seven seas,

I want this connection to grow

If only.

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