Why does the world never stop for your pain to heal?

Why does time stand still when you’re climbing the hill?

Why is hate in your blood for someone you don’t even know?

Why is love unconditional, but harder to show?

Why is currency the motive of the American dream?

Why is freedom in this nation never truly guaranteed?

Why do we think we know the truth and all the answers to life?

Why don’t we think for ourselves instead of picking a side?

Why is the work force flawed in a nation of jobs?

Why are we drowning in debt? It’s like we’re paid then we’re robbed.

Why is mental health not enough of anyone’s mission?

Why do we wait until suicide to give them attention?

Why do they want to keep us under the dirt?

Why is it systemically set for the suffering to keep being hurt?

Why don’t we ask more questions and listen more often?

Why are we living just to end in a coffin?

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