Spirituality through college

Although I believe religions of all kinds exist in most universities, going to a very diverse university such as University of Houston exposed me to many different religions. The A.D Bruce Religion Center on campus supported mostly all religions. I am not sure if other universities do that, but I thought it was really cool when I walked in for the first time and realized that it was not only Christianity, but many other religions as well. See, from my environment, Christianity was basically the only known religion. Either you were a believer of God or a believer of nothing. I was aware of other religious options, but seeing this center really brightened my eyes. Although I thought this was culturally cool, it still did not move me in my religious identity. I was still a bit confused, because I was born into Christianity, but naturally backed away when it started to seem forced. I do think a God can exist; some things just cannot be explained by merely science. But I also believe it is not my duty to talk to others about their faith. Whatever brings you faith and joy is fine with me. And that is ultimately how I identified myself after my college experience. I am with Christianity because that’s how I grew up, but I do understand that the world is big and not everyone can believe in the same thing.


Even though I think this, I believe I am not that religious in heart. Throughout my college experience, I learned to hone my reflection on life and self-awareness. I learned to connect with others through more than talk and touch. I learned to search for true feelings and investigate the souls of others. What are their vibes? What are they feeling? How do they feel about me? And many other questions. So if I met you on campus and had the opportunity to have a spiritual conversation with you, I would not ask about your identity in religion, but rather your identity in yourself.

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