Sometimes my honesty gets me in more bullshit than lying does. I think back to times where my honesty either got me in trouble or ruined something potentially good. So what’s the moral thing to do? Lie to keep the peace or soak the world in its truth? Should I hold my tongue or say my piece? Do I shy away from confrontation or step in when its needed?

I remember times where I regretted things I said not because I did not mean it (most likely I did), but because it was taken very badly despite my intentions. Ruined friendships, relationships, job opportunities, etc. All because I was being honest. But honesty is the right thing to do, right? So why does it sometimes feel so wrong?

Sometimes I wonder if it’s not what I said, but how I said it. I haven’t quite learned how to be gentle with honesty yet. Yes, with counseling courses and self-awareness, I have become much less blunt than I used to be, but I still have a long way to go. I still have a long way of speaking my truth with carelessness or frustration. I must learn to be honest with mindfulness. No more self-destruction. No more broken souls.

I believe there’s power in truth, but there is a stronger power in language. My tone, my choice of words, my gestures, all play a part in my truth. Slow down…breathe…consider the other person. Know that you must be honest, but you do not aim to hurt feelings, (mostly). 🙂

Anyways. Yeah, honesty. A great responsibility with dire consequences if executed the wrong way. If I need to be peacefully honest with others, I need to be peacefully honest with myself…

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