Happiness is a Feeling, Not a Destination

So long have I been searching for the finish line.

Far in the distance, but the hope keeps me going.

Tunnel vision, all I can see is what’s ahead of me.

Not looking to the side, trying my hardest not to look behind me, but instead I am darting my eyes straight forward.

Every time I think I’ve found my destination, I am clearly disappointed and discouraged.

For either no happiness was there or the happiness was very short lived.

I’m thinking, “I’ve been so focused. All I want is happiness. Every knows the way, but I’m finding out they are really just as lost as I am.”

Only looking forward.

Not looking at happiness hiding in plain sight. Waiting for me to stop chasing and start living.

Happiness is a feeling and nothing more. We have to stop chasing something that is purely natural inside all of us. We tend to search for happiness in the biggest things, marriage, children, money, sex, drugs, etc. When in all honesty, you could find happiness in a bag of chips! I definitely find happiness in nachos. Every time. But I digress..

Happiness is not your end goal. Happiness is temporary, but it will return. It’s okay to not be happy sometimes. We are only human. Let happiness find us and embrace it when we meet. Until then, just live your life. Stop stressing on how to be happy and just be happy when it comes.

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