Why Meditation Works for Me

Because I have the attention span of Texas weather, my only time of true focus is meditation. Just cut off the lights, throw my phone into the nearest corner, turn everything off, close my eyes, and breathe…I’ve meditated in my home, at work, in the car, park, anywhere! But why does it work so much for me? When I meditate, I tend to focus on a few things.


When I meditate, I focus on the present, meaning anything that is not toxic that is happening in the moment, I’m noticing. We often tend to lose sight of our surroundings while being addicted to our technology, never truly enjoying the environment around us. It’s almost as if we’re ignoring our natural senses in trade for bright screens. Meditation is a time for me to take a break from technology and appreciate what is happening around me. From hearing the A/C or the fan blow, to listening the natural sounds of lakes and leaves, I make sure I’m listening to the moment.

Positive Thinking

Negative thoughts tend to ruminate in my head constantly if I’m not keeping up with my self-care. My anxiety sometimes gets the best of me. In the fight with anxiety, my golden gloves are meditation. It calms me when I need calming. I have friends that I can call sure, but they are living lives as well, so I often turm to deep breathing. Most of the time I feel much better afterwards and have clear and rational thoughts about the situations at hand. Sometimes I even come up with great ideas while meditating. The point isn’t to block out all thoughts, but rather to put the negative thoughts aside so more positive thoughts can come through.

The Body

When I’m not feeling well for any weird reason, I usually go to meditation to figure it out. I don’t really know how to explain this one. It’s like when I focus well enough my body tells me the issue and allows me a chance at fixing it, almost like a car. I can easily meditate my way out of a headache or physical stress. It’s really like in Call of Duty when you step away and stay still to regenerate health. (It doesn’t help with the common cold, but I swear if I find a way…) Anyway, your body wants to work with you; you’re just not listening to it. Take control with meditation. (Kind of sounds like an ad, huh?)

Meditation is obviously not for everyone, but I recommended everyone to try it at least once. The best thing about it is you don’t need a damn thing for it! Maybe a few minutes and some quiet. It really helps me out and I’m glad I’ve chosen to bring it into my life. 

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