A Mortal Indeed

I need to grab a pen, just to clear out my mind.

Devil tried to turn me out, I politely declined.

Steady on a watch, time is not on my side.

I swallow my pride, reaching for an ear to confide.

Who’s down to ride? I don’t know what settling means.

An oiled machine, searching for more to achieve.

The more that I bleed, I’m only just a mortal indeed.

But sort of a king, order has me praying on knees.

You know I’m humble, lord.

Grab my hand and pull me when I stumble, Lord.

Trying to make a change, but I’m trapped inside a bubble, Lord.

A seed of the Earth, from birth, but now I crumble, Lord.

I can’t do it by myself, seek me out when I’m in trouble, Lord..


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