“The Goddess Awakens”

Y’all, I am very excited to write this blog today. I’m inspired by many forms of art: poetry, music, dance, etc. Tonight, it was visual art.

“Have faith that everything is working for your highest good. You are abundantly blessed and have all that you need.” -Krystle Ceasar

I attended a friend’s art exhibit today and was enamored with beautiful pieces of art with meaning. The event was called, “The Goddess Awakens”, and the paintings were created by Krystle Ceasar, a local artist pushing to bring her mind and soul to the world through time, effort, and paintbrushes.


From what I’ve gathered between the art, the words attached to the art, and a conversation with the lady herself, there seems to be a theme of journey and identity. The search for peace with who you are and developing that identity to an even stronger version of yourself. The negatives and the positives, the good and evil, and the mind versus the heart. We all struggle with these like a tug of war with us in the middle. I think the perfect word for the theme of this exhibit is “balance”, in my opinion.

“She releases all that no longer serves her, in order to make space for the things that do serve her.” -Krystle Ceasar

I felt the need to add this experience to my blog because it aligns greatly with what I wish to achieve with my writing. I use this platform to not only share my poems and thoughts, but also to relieve my ruminating thoughts and grow into a better individual mentally and spiritually, hence the title, “Fresh Air Inspirations”.

“Disconnect to reconnect.” -Krystle Ceasar

Many artists show excitement when others experience their art, but the real one getting the experience and growth is themselves. When I used to make music heavily, I would make hopeful music for those who needed it. Quickly, I realized that I needed it more than anyone else. I needed to tell myself to never quit and that everything would work out if you keep pushing. Kalibrez was speaking, but Terrell was listening. That’s why I like this exhibit. It gives me that feeling of self-love, self-encouragement, and true growth. Thank you Krystle for this exhibit. I can’t wait for your next one. Below is a another picture of her work and her IG name in case you would like to reach her or purchase her art or services. Be well, everyone.



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