Nearly There

I admit, I’ve been slipping on my self-care.

Do I dare to live a life that doesn’t compare to a traveler nearly there?

Is life particularly fair if your head’s stuck in the air?

Got to wake up from this hell and get out of this nightmare.

Maybe I should use the pair of my hands to ask for blessings.

Maybe I should go to the wise for life lessons.

Maybe I could just pick up a pen and start expressing my fears, failures, depression, I’m sick of blindly guessing.

Whatever works, I just need me a sign, I’m totally blind, give a me guide to walk behind.

So I don’t fall in a trap, this deadly path, has me nervous, drinking bourbon, and trying to be of a service,

to the people that look to me. Finally I see.

A role model is whoever that they want to be.

My fulfillment’s not in money, its impact.

But first I’m pushing through the dark, and I mean that.

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