Run Away

When I stare down the barrel of my decisions,

I wonder who’s the witness to the crimes that I’ve committed?

Breaking this law of life and I’m just waiting for my sentence,

Fired from my duties like I was playing apprentice.

What’s the value of friendship when trauma collides?

Shadowed in pride, depression seeping both of our minds.

Run away for dear life as I’m fighting for mine.

Reaction is a passion and it’s sending a sign.

Too long for rulers and too close for cigars,

We lost the only thing we ever had that’s truly ours.

Leaving with a grievance while battling all your heathens

And breathing the toxic air will have your mental health weakened. 

Yes, I’m heated, but it has to be done.

What’s said has been said and your next step is to run.

So farewell and good luck, sis, the time has been fun.

I’m not stopping anyone so if you’re jumping the gun,

Run away.

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