Write to Sleep

My mind’s racing, not complacent, I’m dream-chasing.

I can’t sleep, my thoughts are baking, they won’t be quiet.

I need silence, but the mind won’t keep my fears private.

I need out of it, trying to settle with some logic,

But logic and empty pockets don’t match.

I feel attached to the chains that keep me latched with the burdens up on my back.

Sleep paralysis, awake, but can’t budge.

I see my future ahead, but distance is never judged.

Walking in the rain, but getting stuck in the mud.

Staying up really late, I’m thinking like, “Where’s the love?”

I’m checking for my circle like I need protection.

I turn around and see a mirror with just my reflection.

I just want to close my eyes until I doze off,

But I can’t stop thinking about my roadblocks.

I’m staring at the ceiling like it has an answer.

Thoughts running through my mind, more than I can handle.

I’ve realized I have to pick up the pen, I’m at it again,

Writing like I’m riding the wind.

I’m trying to win, my demons are still turning up the heat,

But I’m just trying to write myself to sleep.

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