I’m a Pokémon.

I’m a damn Pokémon.

This is what dating is for me.

I’m in the wild, alone in the grass, focusing on survival.

No one tries to catch me for a very long time. I am lonely, but there is no time in finding my trainer when survival is at my neck in all times.

My fellow Pokémon has been caught, leaving me in the grass alone.

Then all of a sudden, a human links eyes with me and refuses to leave.

Although I would love an accompanying human as a friend, I fight them anyway from the fear of losing something I may have never had in the first place.

Many trainers have failed. But this time I’ve been caught.

In the aftermath of being caught, I am confused and defiant. I collaborate cautiously, concealing my best moves for trust and evolution in friendship.

Eventually I hope to be able to show my true strength and grow along with my trainer.

I need the trainer just as much as the trainer needs me.

I have power within, but I have yet to be able to refine it to the evolved being I wish to be.

What am I talking about? Didn’t you read?

I’m a god damn Pokémon.

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